The future of digital currency

Did Bitcoin made the dollar obsolete? Will any new coin be a hero and a winner in the battle of a paper-digital money world? Preiscoin or OneCoin. Or what else? Who is responsible to answer these questions? Network marketing junkies continue to advise their friends to convert dollars into digital bits. It’s easy to answer why this advice is not fully adequate as it’s not logical. The Internet changed the entire life of people, but the way we bank is not new as it has not changed since the 15th century. And events like near-financial meltdown of 2008 or even Great Depression show us just how fragile the system is. If digital currency becomes a must-have, that it will mean than hundreds of years have already passed after XXI century.

Refinancing your home mortgage

You are probably aware that refinancing is a way to replace your old mortgage with a new one. It’s now becoming more and more popular among homeowners in terms of reducing their interest rates and even sometimes take cash out of their home equity. What are the main benefits of mortgage refinancing? The major one is reducing your interest rate. Imagine that you now pay 8% on your mortgage and there is a chance to refinance it at 5%. Why not save so much money? That’s simply one of the best ways to improve your financial situation reducing all other kinds of debts. What also can be changed during the refinancing, is terms of the mortgage. For example, if you decide to shorten the terms from 20 to 10 years, you’ll make your loan cheaper and will pay it off faster. Alternatively, you may stretch the terms and reduce your monthly payments. So, the either way has many positive sides.

Nuances of applying for a store credit card

There are some reasons that should be considered before applying for a store credit card:

  1. financing offers: a good chance to get some discount.
    You are able to make minimum payments and leave your cash invested until the promotional period ends;
  2. discounts: new card holders are very often offered some additional discounts on purchases they make with their new cards.
    And If the payment can be paid off at once, there won’t be any interest charges to offset the discount;
  3. loyalty programs: a lot of modern stores also offer great loyalty programs to their card holders – one of the best way to keep the holders.
    These can be exclusive offers and deals that aren’t offered to anybody else.
  4. ability to establish credit: if you use the credit card wisely, it could help you improve your credit score in order to access other cards or loans.

Options of Forex Ladder

A Forex ladder option provides certain extra benefits upon the option holder. Exotic options such as the ladder are a bit more expensive to purchase because they come with a lot of useful additional benefits. Here are the terms and options you must consider: pricing (where the main term is a currency pair), vanilla call (the option price derives from the combination of its intrinsic value – current price minus strike service price), ladder call (it differs from the vanilla call with a couple of intermediate strike prices), profit calculation (the price is a locked-in feature of a ladder option). Remember that the purchaser of this option has the right but no obligation to buy or sell a stated asset.